Potential and experience

EDRO-TRANS is a transport company with 28 years of experience. It operates dynamically in the international arena and specialises in carriage of neutral and dangerous materials (ADR).

Since 1991, it has been building trust of its clients, guaranteeing timely performance of orders and safety of cargos. The company fleet, gradually expanded since the beginning of its operation, contains trucks sets of well-known makes (Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, DAF) with the capacity of up to 25 tonnes, systematically refurbished in accordance with European exhaust fume emission standards - EURO.

An unquestionable asset of the company is the modern character of its fleet – the average vehicle age is 1.5, which guarantees failure-free, and therefore timely, deliveries across Europe. All vehicles are equipped with a satellite navigation system.

Success proved by certificates

The activity of the company is confirmed by the Quality Management System Certificate in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which is followed day in, day out.

The President's letter

The history of Edro-Trans overlaps with my constantly developing professional life. Now, after more than 26 years devoted to conducting the said enterprise, I can say with confidence that I am proud of its economic results as well as the position and respect it gained in the country and abroad.

I founded Edro-Trans in 1991. In its initial stage, I dealt both with acquiring clients (as a forwarder) and being a truck driver myself.

The beginning of the enterprise was very hard. Rather than expansion, it was fight for survival. The reason for this was not the competition, but political system transformation in Poland and other obstacles, e.g. legal ones.

The first truck in my enterprise fleet was Scania R112. Its purchase is regarded as the foundation of the activity in transport.

At present, Edro-Trans is a dynamically developing transport and logistic enterprise, having its seats in Rybnik. Our fleet is being constantly expanded and refurbished (average vehicle age is 1.5 years). In attempt to meet the requirements of a growing number of foreign contractors, we are expanding our offer. Therefore, we are regarded as an enterprise which takes care of its clients. Time passes by, my children are adults now. Why should not Edro-Trans have its own offspring (i.e. a daughter company)? I am positive that soon new joint foreign undertakings will emerge. Edro-Trans is a family enterprise which aims high. We do not have any insecurities, we find it difficult to compete with strong domestic and foreign competition, though.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we do not shirk our duties. We actually like them. I personally believe that there are a lot of challenges awaiting us, but along them come successes.

I would like to conclude with the following: Edro-Trans is the largest undertaking in my professional life. I devoted most of my life to it and, therefore, I am and will be doing everything for Edro-Trans to still develop dynamically and, at the same time, not lose the quality of its services.

With regards,

Eugeniusz Ptak
Founder, President of the Management Board

Quality policy – Decalogue of every employee